Schmitty The Weather Dog Appears On The Urly Show

I’m so excited I could just pee.   Meteorologist Ron Trotta and I were invited to be on The Urly Show this week.   A pawsome on-line talk show.

Doing my best imitation of Jack Nicholson on The Urly Show.

It all started when I found a great blog about us on a cool website .  .  .   Check out the fun article below.

Holy Schmitty the Weather Dog, This Pup’s a Big Effing Deal!

Then we became Twitter friends.   That’s when AnnMarie from The Urly Show (@Urlesques) tweeted me (@SchmittySays) and asked if Meteorologist Ron and I wanted to be on the show.   “Like yeah!”  *Said in Valley Girl tones*   So we went to their studio in the AOL offices in NYC.    Hosts Elliot, Kelly and Christine were such nice humans.   And their fanesque excitement upon meeting us made me blush through my fur!   The rest is video history.   So, sit back, put your paws up, and click on the link below .  .  .

.   .  .  to see:

A) Me doing my Jack Nicholson imitation.  Who says a five pound dog doesn’t know Jack!

B) My assistant, Elly getting her hands and butt (!) caught on camera.  Next time she might want to “sniff” out where the cameras are.  BOL!

C) An Escher-type Weather Pawcast –   my weather pawcast —  within the show  — on the Internet!

C) Our Urlesque Weather Pawcast done with new contact lenses.  Not on me, silly!  I just do sunglasses.   On Meteorologist Ron “Blinky” Trotta.   Note to Ron:  Next time borrow Elliot’s glasses.  BOL!


If that doesn’t get ya to watch Episode #52 on The Urly Show, I don’t know what will.    OK, maybe the chance to win a million dollars.   Next time.

Ya Gotta Visit NYC!