Schmitty The Weather Dog LIVE at Regis & Kelly For Halloween!

What’s up with humans on Halloween?
They act so silly. And they try to make us pups dress up and act silly too.
Oh well.
It’s just for one day.
I think.

Seems like every year humans from all over the USA come line up at the LIVE with Regis & Kelly studios in my hood to try and win a big prize.   This year it was for $15,000.   Wait a minute, that a lot of dog bones!   Hm-m-m-m-m-m,  maybe humans aren’t so silly after all.   Whatever.   So, Meteorologist Ron Trotta and I always stop by the LIVE with Regis and Kelly Show to check out the weird humans in crazy costumes while pawcasting our Howl-o-ween weather.

Click on my EVENTS weather pawcast below if you dare.   EEK!