Schmitty The Weather Dog Says Cheese At The AKC Meet The Breeds Show!

There’s no business like show business. Oh yes there is.   It’s called sleep business.  That’s what I needed after spending 2 days at the AKC Meet The Breed Show.   Give those AKCer’s a treat.   They put on one heck of a show.   All kinds of breeds of  pooches (and c-a -t-s) to meet.   Agility shows with some really agile dogs.   Lots of vendors with lots of cool pet products.   And of course me, Schmitty The Weather Dog with my cohort in crime (whatever that means!) Meteorologist Ron Trotta.

Maybe Meteorologist Ron Trotta should change his name to “Fox?” BOL!


Mr Westminster, co-host David Frie stopped by to visit. *Sigh!*

Even some groupies came by to see me.   Who knew I had groupies.   BOL!

Along with the pet friendly New Yorker Hotel, Fetch magazine &  Pet Plan Insurance, we had a pawsome booth where people and their pets could come shake paws, take pics and get cool swag.  Swag?   Yup, swag.

Fetch reader protecting “the swag!”

We passed out New Yorker Hotel flyers.  If they clicked on the special link they could enter to win a 2 night stay.    (Go ahead.  Try it!).   We also passed out postcards with Meteorologist Ron Trotta and me in front of the pet friendly New Yorker Hotel.    Perfect to snail mail to your Aunt Gladys.  What?I *heart* Lisbeth from the New Yorker Hotel!

And we passed out Fetch magazines with Pet Plan Insurance info and $25.00 gift certificates too!    If you haven’t ever seen a Fetch magazine, you must. Great info,  fab photos.   And what a coinkidink — there is a 4 page spread on moi!   *Blush *  Fetch interviewed me for their travel issue.  (Click on the Press tab above to read my interview).

Another pet lover falls for Fetch!

Nice ride!

Amy from GoPetFriendly has an A-HA moment!A gaggle of Yorkies stopped by.

I was so excited I almost peed when I saw that our good friends from Oregon who makes pawsome NummyTum-Tum organic pumpkin and sweet potato for dogs had a booth at the AKC Show.   I *Heart* Nummy Tum-Tum!